• KVM Virtual Machine and Docker Hypervisor Panel - Django REST, Docker, ReactJS, LibVirt - Runs inside a containerized environment

    So this project I started when I wanted to run Virtual machines and docker containers on my Linux Home Lab Server. I was searching for good hypervisors but was not able to find one which takes the minimum amount of ram (I had only 4GB RAM) and provides me functionalities to access and manage my Virtual Machines and containers. This system allows the user to create and manage virtual machines, connect to their display and manage disks. The system also allows to use a web based terminal to access the system terminal of the server.

  • TOTP Generation app - Flutter, Client side encryption, Firebase, Custom Designed

    I started the development of this project as I thought of creating a TOTP generation app which will be opensource and provide realtime sync using firebase and will run on multiple devices such as android, ios, mac and PC (PC Master Race FTW). What I aim to achieve using this app is to allow the users to use my own firebase database or if they want they can go ahead and use their own firebase databases. Their otp data will be secure with me as it is already encrypted at the client using AES-256 and the password is hashed a whopping 1,050,000 times using PBKDF-HMAC-SHA-256 before being stored in the database and the master encryption key is encrypted using the 1,000,000 times hashed password. If they don’t trust me, then they would be able to substitute their own firebase accounts in place of mine. So what’s the advantage ?…No need to run a complete server just to host the complete backend a firebase token file is all you need.

  • Dipankar Printing Press Shopping Website - Laravel + Theme designed from scratch

    So this is was another of my freelancing client. He wanted a small shopping website for his new business for selling their products and accepting the payments online so I built the application for him using laravel.

  • Create Your Quiz Android App - Android, NodeJS, Kubernetes

    This is my very first android app. I built this app as a android learner project in the beginning of my 3rd year in BCA. I built it with NodeJS and MongoDB as backend and also built my first rest api.
    The application is deployed on a Kubernetes cluster on the google kubernetes engine. The cluster consists of persistent VMs on which my database and backup systems exists and the multiple non-persistent VMs which host the NodeJS, PHP part of the application and other stuff that won’t be affected by premption. ` I host all my projects on my own VPS Servers and maintain my own servers. `

  • Music backup and streaming app - MERN Stack

    So this app I built as I had to build as a Android Workshop Project. The app allows the users to backup their music on a server and allows streaming and local syncing for offline access of it.

  • WordPress WooCommerce Theme - Theme for woocommerce designed from scratch

    So this was a project for my client as a freelancer. The request of the client was a ` custom theme for a woocomerce store .I took up the challenge and built the entire theme from scratch without using any existing template, only using the docs and started with a blank file. `

  • Blog Content Management System - PHP HTML CSS - Theme Designed From Scartch

    So this was the project i built as my BCA final year project. I learnt PHP for the first time and built this content management system as a small platform for hosting my blog.